Nippondo Co., Ltd.

Nippondo was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Sakura City (Chiba Prefecture), Japan with the purpose of contributing to sustainable development of Uzbekistan and Japan through our network and comprehensive consultancy service.

Originally Nippondo was founded with the objective to do something good for both Japan and Uzbekistan. However, our activity is not only limited to Uzbekistan and Japan. We are the team of global-minded people who understand the world’s most daunting challenges, are aware of cultural, religious and socioeconomic differences, and can facilitate dialogue and solutions through our services.

Our Services

  1. Human resource development
  2. Supply chain and logistic development support
  3. Health Care (health food supplement OEM (made in Japan), custom formulation, marketing & regulatory support)
  4. Supply of food and nutraceutical/health food raw materials